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A sure choice to make your dreams come true! Streaming Academy

The educational goal is to do our best to nurture professional cat hairdressers (croomers) who are equipped with not only the grooming skills that a companion animal hairdresser must have, but also a basic attitude toward companion animals and a service mind.

From the beginner's course to pet beauty for the first time to the course for starting a franchise!

We provide all solutions related to cat grooming.

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Our Story

​Srooming Academy was less systematic than dog grooming About the cat grooming curriculum

Completing a more in-depth curriculum and with a solid basics For the long-established cat non-anesthetic sympathetic beauty

It was established to train professional cat grooming stylists based on their professional knowledge.

21 years after the first establishment, Up to now (as of March 22), there are about 20 cat beauty shops and cat hairdressers nationwide.

We have produced "Crumers", and even now, the prospective cruisers are preparing hard for the future.

We are striving to become a standard for cat beauty through continuous research and service expansion.


Our Brand

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Cat butler platform

Simkong Cat Mall, a shopping app for cat butlers that introduces a variety of products such as premium cat supplies and wooden cat towers

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YouTube channel and video lectures

Along with Simkong Story YouTube channel, he plans to introduce broadcasting and media as the first creator of Entertainment ELRIS.



Cat grooming equipment

The so-called "Yoon Gyun Sang Bari-Kang" Simkong Clipper and Beauty Products, which was researched and devised by Director Hye-Ryun Lee, the CEO.

Our Clients

 Srooming BI


Symbol & Wordmark

Srooming is with Simkongcat of grooming

It is a compound word that sits and proceeds with skillful techniques fast and safe4S(speedy,skilled,safety,sedentary)Oriented towards beauty.

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