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One-day self-beauty class

To the butlers and cat hairdressers who were interested in cat grooming

We have prepared a special time for those who want to enter. 

easy and fun for everyone

We have opened a special class for butlers who do not usually have much time and who are interested in cat grooming, from the basics of grooming to tips and basics of self-grooming, so that anyone can access it in an easy and fun way.

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Full of grooming tips!

Common sense related to cat grooming that you have never encountered before! Also, self-beauty tips are well organized so that the butler's time is not wasted.

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​ With teacher Simkong
practice time

Simkong's self-beauty tips that you can't experience in seminars and video lectures!
You can directly groom your beloved cat and practice to keep its fur healthy.


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Professor Simkong's direct lecture
​ Only a small number of people participate!

With a one-day class in the small garden, you can do everything about cat beauty that you have been curious about.

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​ Even without preparation
Do not worry.

Course registration is on the Streaming Academy website.
Simply apply at!
​ If you do not have personal beauty tools, you can easily
Get free rentals too.

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No upcoming events at the moment
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