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From a dog groomer to a cat hairdresser

​Cat grooming is both a start and an opportunity!

Due to changes in the population due to single-person households, low fertility, and aging, domestic companion animal households are

Recently, it has been increasing at a steep rate. In particular, unlike in the past, when dogs were the main

Now, the cat population is rapidly increasing, and related industries are also growing rapidly in line with the times.


A cat looking over a dog's seat... Growing Aemyo Market

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, as of 2015, the number of households raising companion animals was 21.8% (4.57 million households), an increase of 3.9% from 2012.

The number of companion animals is estimated at 5.1 million dogs and 1.89 million cats. There are still many dogs, but the rate of increase is faster for cats.

Dogs increased by 16.6%, while cats increased by 63.7% during the same period. The market is also growing.


JoongAng Ilbo article summary extract (

A new pet beauty shop is created every two days.

As the number of pet families increases, beauty and beauty are considered as important as food.

That is why pet owners who have pets value cleanliness and health.

In fact, the number of pets and the number of employees in the animal grooming industry is overwhelmingly high among the business of companion animals.

The increase rate of companion animal-related affiliate stores also recorded the highest increase rate of about 478% over the past four years. (Source: Shinhan Card)

HoweverThe percentage of those who answered that they do not intend to use pet grooming services in the future also had the highestappeared

The reason is none other than  Dissatisfaction with beauty serviceThis was it.


The biggest competitiveness of a hairdresser is basic hairdressing skillsno see.

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Now when pet hairdressers need competitiveness!

The companion animal industry is revitalized, and institutions that can complete vocational education related to dog grooming

As the number of specialized schools increases, manpower is continuously produced, and after retirement

Competition is getting fiercer as the number of people who want to get a job again after receiving dog grooming training is increasing.

Cat grooming is a professional grooming service, not a beauty see.

Beauty skills are the basics, and now you have your own skillsGet more

제목을 입력하세요 - 2021-12-11T190750.424.png
​ Do you have a cat grooming license?

There is not yet a cat grooming license that is certified by the country or an official association.

Pet owners who trust and leave their precious cats want the hairdressers' proper hairdressing skills rather than formal qualifications.


The Srooming Academy is not a formal education for granting certificates or certificates.

In fact, it is possible to immediately engage in vocational activities in the field.We strive to train professional cat hairdressers.

"I've been doing dog grooming for 5 years and running a shop for 3 years, but I've never really learned cat grooming properly."

"After learning cat grooming properly, the satisfaction of Myoju customers has definitely increased."

“At first I was hesitant, but now I am so happy and good.”

Testimonials from students with previous experience as a dog groomer

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