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제목을 입력하세요 - 2022-03-31T021544.815.png

“You have to eat with a strong heart and a firm heart!

This is Lee Hye-ryun, the president of the Streaming Academy.

Were you not surprised by the opening phrase?

In fact, it's a word I always say once in a while when I give advice.

​Before we even start, of course, I am not trying to scare you.

As the sense of accomplishment is great, you can follow many difficulties Because I know it better than anyone else,

Everyone who is with our Srooming Academy I wish you success as a cat groomer.

By heart I'm trying to explain the difficult process more than the easy results.

As it is the job of taking care of sensitive pets, there are certainly many difficult and difficult tasks.

As a cat lover and a pet hairdresser If you are dreaming,

Like this I don't think there will be anything rewarding and promising.


As much as I am proud of my profession as a cat hairdresser,   to know cats properly in the futureCat hairdressers In the hope that there will be more ​ A course that can specialize in cat grooming A cat grooming technology training institute was established. 

​With the sincerity of the first heart that started loving cats I will run even harder.

제목을 입력하세요 - 2022-03-31T035738.594.png


  • Current representative of Simkong Cat

  • Current President of the Streaming Academy

  • Cat non-anesthetic grooming expert

  • Launched Simkong Clipper, a beauty device for cats

  • Hosted a number of cat grooming seminars

  • Cat grooming lecture video production

  • ​Youtube Channel Simkong Story

  • ​ ELrise ENT (ELPark), the first creative


[특별한인터뷰] 이혜련원장,고양이 미용에 대한 끝없는 연구와 실행 - 2022.10.24 / 센머니뉴스

이혜련 원장의 직업관은 “기본을 지키고 초심을 잃지 말자”
후배들에게 '목표를 정확히 정하고 흔들리지 말고 행동하라'고 조언
World Cat grooming Asscociation(국제 고양이미용 협회) 설립을준비

Management contract with Cat Butlers instructor, Master Sim Kong, Lee Hye-ryun and EL Park - 2022.07.18 / News N, Sports Donga

 Hye-ryun Lee, 'Simkong Teacher', who is gaining popularity as an instructor for cat butlers, signed a management contract with EL Park, a management company to which Ryu Su-young and Park Sol-mi belong. Hyeryun Lee is gaining great popularity with cat owners by focusing on cat content through the YouTube channel 'Simkong Story'. My main occupation is a cat hairdresser.

[VR Chosun] Visiting the International Cat Industry Expo - 2018.01.22 / Chosun Ilbo
Veterinarian Seol-Young Jeong will deliver information to visitors under the titles of 'Cat Nutrition,' while veterinarians Jin-Soo Lee and Hak-Beom Lee, respectively, will give information to visitors under the titles 'Things to consider when a little tiger is sick' and 'Cats are lonely too'. Not only medical seminars but also cat beauty seminars by Lee Hye-ryun, an expert in cat anesthesia, are not to be missed.

International Cat Industry Fair' captivates the butlers with abundant attractions - 2018.01.22 / Women's Consumer Newspaper, Channel A
Director Lee Young-soo of Baeksan Animal Hospital will give a special lecture on 'Cat Teeth Care' and 'Cat Cancer' over two days on the 20th and 21st. A cat beauty seminar was also organized by CEO Lee Hye-ryun, a cat grooming expert without anesthesia.

Why Min-seok Oh and Bo-seong Kim should wash their hands and touch dogs and cats [Pet Talk Talk] -2020.03.02 / Naver News
  But, according to experts, most cats don't like to be hugged.Lee Hye-ryun, CEO of Simkong Cat, said, "A cat is a vulnerable part of its stomach. It's okay if you have a trustworthy person, but if someone you don't know hugs you with your stomach visible, the cat can feel threatened." So when holding, you have to support your feet with your hands.”

[Family's discovery (犬)] Pus dripping from my eyes... A kitten who came to live -2020.02.01 / News 1
On January 24, Simkong Cat CEO Lee Hye-ryun rescued Tan-i, a kitten from the parking lot of the building. Until a few days before the rescue, Tan was in good health. But over the past few days, his face was seriously injured.

[Pet Card] Say hello to a cat you meet for the first time -2020.02.14 / News 1
When people meet for the first time, they say hello first. The same goes for cats. In order to get to know a cat, you first greet with your eyes and then communicate with your nose.

"Should I try to clip my pet's hair?"... The back part is tail → head direction -2021.11.28 / Pet Health
Director Lee warned, “Even if you are grooming the soles of your feet, you must lay down the clipper enough to use it. Areas such as the groin or groin should not be treated. This is because the level of difficulty of hairdressing is so high that even professional hairdressers are picky. Director Lee said, “If a beginner does not know how to dress and holds a clipper, it is easy to leave a wound on the pet’s skin.”