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A must if you are new to pet grooming!
Scissor cut scissoring process

​ A basic course on scissoring that can only faithfully learn the basics and basics of scissors cut necessary for cat grooming

#Practical practice #Wig practice #Fixing scissors

Clipping and 2 person beauty completion
Basic Course Sympathetic Beauty I

As a basic course of basic understanding of cat grooming and clipping techniques, individual ​ supervised learning continues through correction and clipping through wig practice, and actual drawing practice.

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Intensive clipping and one-person beauty
Intensive Course Sympathetic Beauty Ⅱ

​ This is a course to acquire advanced techniques for correction and clipping of cat grooming. Face cut education and safe clipping education are provided together with one-person beauty and sympathetic beauty skills completion course.

Regular class common course
​Cat beauty theory education

Basic understanding of cats and theory classes related to cat grooming, such as beauty theory, service, and employment in the start-up process

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After completion of the training course, a certificate of completion of cat sympathetic beauty is awarded.

If you faithfully complete the curriculum according to the education policy of the Lifelong Education Center of the Srooming Academy and pass the training course, a certificate of completion will be awarded, and you will be given the benefit of supporting a cat sympathetic beauty license in the future.


Basic Basic Course Caesaring

  • Required for beginners in pet beauty (simultaneous course)

  • wig practice

  • ​Scissors Fixation and Face Scissor Cut Basics

If you are new to pet grooming or are wondering whether you should go through a dog grooming course to become a cat hairdresser, you can solve your worries at once.


Advanced Sympathetic BeautyⅡ

  • Intensive course on correction method

  • clip,Face cut deep education

  • complete facial

  • Startup/Employment/Service Education

  • ​Emergency response training for each situation

  • Completion of 1-person sympathy beauty

Completion of sympathetic beauty course, practice and individual customized education so that one person can achieve complete beauty


Regular Sympathetic BeautyⅠ

  • Scissors cut basic correction education

  • Clipping Basics Training

  • Understanding cat basic physiology/pathology

  • Understanding the characteristics and tendencies of each seedling

  • ​2 person beauty completion process

Basic understanding of cat grooming and clipping basic course Correction and clipping practice through wig​ Individual guidance through actual drawing practice​ The theory and practice necessary for cat grooming are paralleled together, so you can learn the basics of sympathetic beauty with a high degree of understanding.



  • Experienced dog groomer available

  • Cat hairdresser 16-week course

  • Tax accounting education required for start-up/opening business

  • Seminars invited by experts in each field

  • ​Customer Management Marketing Training

In addition to the basic career path and start-up as a cat hairdresser, comprehensive educational benefits ranging from the basic mindset of a hairdresser to customer management and tax accounting education

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  • 스루밍아카데미 정규과정 주간반 클래스 (오전10시00분~1시00분)

    Mon, Wed, Fri

    예약및 상담후 결제가능
  • 스루밍아카데미 정규과정 야간반 클래스 (오후6시30분~9시30분)

    Mon, Wed, Fri

    예약및 상담후 결제가능
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