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Simkong Cat, a representative cat beauty brand,
Streaming Academy created by Simkong Cat

Cat grooming is both a start and an opportunity! That first step makes a difference.

Make the difference with Srooming!

A cat beauty academy created by Simkong Cat

For those who wish to start a business and the career of a cat hairdresser through Simkong's own sympathetic beauty and Simkong Cat's business cooperation
It will give you great strength.

​ A clearing academy that directly proves the difference
We will serve as the foundation for your start.

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What is Sympathetic Beauty? (interact grooming)

Sympathetic beauty is not just to soothe or suppress cats. The hairdresser communicates directly one-to-one by understanding the cat's tendency, and it is a beauty method that can take care of yourself without discipline.

What is Sympathetic Beauty? (interact grooming)

It is characterized by sitting at eye level with the cat rather than table beauty suitable for dog grooming. Unlike beauty in which two or more hairdressers hold together and give snacks or soothe, it can be done faster and safer with one-on-one care by a beautician. This is a customized cat grooming method.

One-on-one sympathetic beauty devised by Director Hye-Ryun Lee, such as part-specific care and fixation, is only taught at the Thruming Academy.

특허청 상표등록번호 제 40-1929780 호 

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Streaming academy class

Cat grooming is important not only in practice but also in theory. Srooming is not just a theory to fill time, but only what is absolutely necessary in the field. 

From self-beauty one-day classes for cat butlers to expert training courses,
Create your own beauty skills that anyone can do, but not everyone else. 

Cat Grooming Specialist "Kromer"
Sympathetic Beautician Course


If you are new to pet grooming, don't worry. From the basic course of scissoring, where you can learn the basics of scissors cut required for cat grooming, to the professional completion course to become a sympathetic hairdresser. It covers all processes related to cat grooming, from beginners who are new to pet grooming, to the basics of starting a business and tax accounting.

Hobby class for cat butlers and office workers
​ One-day self-beauty class


If you are a smart butler, don't miss this opportunity! From the basics of self-beauty that couldn't be done in online lectures and offline seminars to common sense of cat grooming, spend a special day with various and fulfilling times. It is recommended for office workers, butlers who do not have much time, and as an introductory course before entering cat grooming. 

All courses of the Streaming Academy are conducted with a small number of less than 8 people, and are taught directly by the CEO, Mr. Sim Kong.

Classes in Srooming Academy Classes

​With endless research and continuous service expansion
Srooming sets the standard for cat grooming.

Don't waste your precious time and money.
If you dream of becoming a cat hairdresser, please become a member of the grooming academy.

​Strong basic course and one-day class for beginners in pet beauty


Cat grooming is different from dog grooming and basic grooming purposes, so the methods and routines are also different. Even if you are new to pet grooming, do not hesitate to give it a try.

Cat Sympathetic Cosmetologist Certificate and

​Certified Branch System


Grooming a sensitive cat requires more specialized knowledge and skills. Become a true one-person cat grooming expert by completing the Sympathetic Beautician.

Direct lectures and small class classes by Director Lee Hye-ryun, CEO Sim Kong-sam


All classes and training courses are made with the curriculum and direct lectures that have been researched and completed for a long time by the CEO, Hye-Ryeon Lee.

​ Career guidance after completion of start-up and employment

Practice support benefits

소규모 회의

Comprehensive education is provided in various fields such as consulting on careers as a cat hairdresser and starting a business, communication with customers, management, response, and marketing.

​ Anyone can take the course regardless of age or gender


Streaming Academy is attended by many students regardless of gender and age with the same passion.

Community and dedicated APP for cat hairdressers to be released

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When starting a business or getting a job, we plan to link with our shopping app to provide exposure and publicity opportunities to more companions and to provide benefits for beauty customers in the future.

Providing an optimal educational environment for students


We provide the best facilities and environment for the safety of students and practice cats with 24-hour CCTV as well as a space for practice, a resting space and a smoking room.

Upgrade from dog grooming to cat grooming

애견 미용사

Learn not only dog grooming but also cat beauty skills and try to be upgraded one step further. There are already many experienced dog grooming professionals.

Srooming Academy Certification Branch

Sympathetic beauty nationwide through various networks
Meet the certification points and cruisers.

From Seoul to Jeju Island, through the community of scouring academy cruisers across the country.
​Continuous research on beauty leads to natural practice and employment.


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I found my lifelong job loving cats.

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"At first, I was skeptical that I could become a cat grooming expert in a short period of time. I started looking for a job related to my love for cats, but now I think I did a good job. I found my lifelong job."

Song ○○, representative of Kkomnyang, a cat beauty shop

It's really different from dog grooming, so I thought it was good to learn.


“I ran a cat grooming shop with two people, and after bumping into various walls and looking for other ways to do it, I got an education at Srooming. This is more satisfying." 

Choi, the representative of a dog beauty shop with personality○○

Cat grooming and more

A sure choice to make your dreams come true!
​ Try with the Srooming Academy.

Don't waste your precious time and money going round and round.
You are the best cat hairdresser who has chosen Srooming.



From a dog groomer to a cat hairdresser!
​Get started now.

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