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Srooming Class

Streaming Academy Curriculum

From beginners to entrepreneurs!
Cat grooming customized curriculum

​President Sim Kong's direct lecture

​ Sympathetic Hairdresser Certificate of Completion

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The first is important.
don't come back
Cat hairdresser regular course

can i do it too Don't worry. From experts to novices, a variety of people who start with a love for cats gather together.

Butler Request Class!
​ One-day self-beauty class

One-day self-beauty class opened at the request of many butlers

From common cat grooming tips to self-grooming classes!

​ Spend a special time together.

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스루밍아카데미 교육과정및 커리큘럼

스루밍아카데미의 교육과정및 커리큘럼과 교감미용은 많은 시행과정을 거쳐 연구

개발한 본원 고유의 교육과정으로 저작권및 지식재산권에 의해 보호 받습니다.


스루밍아카데미 교육과정

  • 스루밍아카데미 정규과정 주간반 클래스 (오전10시00분~1시00분)

    Loading days...

    3 hr

    예약및 상담후 결제가능
  • 스루밍아카데미 정규과정 야간반 클래스 (오후6시30분~9시30분)

    Loading days...

    3 hr

    예약및 상담후 결제가능
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